I am an ecologist and writer with a flair for university administration (understanding the inner workings of higher ed is much like understanding an ecosystem). I currently live and work in a big city and I spend as much time as I can enjoying its wild spaces. I am passionate about both fundamental research and the application of scientific knowledge to the problems of our time.

Doing fieldwork on shorebirds in the Canadian Arctic.

Doing fieldwork in the Canadian Arctic. Photo: Jennie Rausch.

In my own research, I have explored phylogeography and genetic diversity (MSc), examined the costs and benefits of immune function in a migratory shorebird (PhD), and discovered the intricacies and challenges of using molecular tools to study aspects of immune function (postdoc). I have also worked on behavioral ecology and conservation in tropical and temperate songbirds.

My broader interests include musing about humans and how we are adapting to and changing our environment in the context of culture, ecology, evolution and sustainability. I do this by traveling, writing and parenting (which is a journey itself).