Slowing down to wonder at milestones

Life is a whirlwind (nay tornado) of activity these days. Although I am very happy, sometimes it feels like I have to remind myself to breathe while trying to write up the final bits of the thesis, interviewing for housing, finding a doctor, looking it to day care etc. etc. etc. Amazingly, amongst all this having a baby has actually helped me to slow down! Every now and then my baby does something that makes me stop in wonder. The things he does are small and subtle, but when he does them, and I take the time to notice, it is as if time stops. I am overwhelmed by a sense of profound peace, intimacy and love. When we roll around on the floor together and he grabs his feet and puts his toes in his mouth, he teaches me to play again. When he stares in fascination at his refection and reaches out to press his palm against the mirror, I can see him discovering who he is, and he reminds me who I am. My baby is an exercise in mindfulness and I love him.

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