The things that ground me

Because I am just starting a new project, the last few weeks have meant a steep learning curve for me at work. My head has been lost in the world of ideas and concepts as I try to break into a field that is relatively new to me, and is changing at a lightening pace. I’ve also been attending workshops covering an even broader subject base in order to broaden my thinking. At this point in my scientific career I am trying to get a feel for the directions in which my field and science in general are moving. Armed with that knowledge I am trying to carve out a niche for myself that will both further science and match with my own values, interests, skills and personality. It is heady work and when I come home I need some grounding. I’ve found that my toddler is absolutely excellent at this task. When I return home from work, my mind still busily working on concepts, he stands there grinning at me, and I am instantly back in the here and now. Below is a short list of some the cute things he’s does of late.

1. He dances (whenever we play music that is to his liking): spinning in circles, stomping his feet to the beat, and waving and clapping his hands.

2. He blows on his food to cool it while seriously informing me that it is hot (pronounced “ghot”).

3. He walks fascinated towards the sprinkler in the garden and then runs away when he gets wet.

4. He has learned how to squirt water from his bath toys. He did so by squirting himself in the face – much to his own astonishment.

5. He likes to wear Daddy’s giant shoes, one facing forward and the other facing backward.

6. He enjoys drinking water from the garden hose and, in the most touching fashion, he kindly shares some with his parents.

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1 Response to The things that ground me

  1. I am sure you will agree with me wen I say that the cute little ones are adorable and give meaning and form to words like “innocent”, “beautiful”,”angelic” etc.

    But it's pretty important for us to keep them happy too for such angelic demeanour to last:-)

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