Seeing the magic in the everyday routine

It has been awhile since I last blogged and I apologize. Life has been good, but lately we seem to have gotten lost in the day-today routine. Both Hubby and I are happy with what we are working at, but I think lately we’ve both been frustrated that things are not progressing as fast as we might like, or that the details are not working as we had planned. It is so easy to get bogged down in negativity, even when life is good. It seems like we’ve been dragging ourselves from one task to the next without enjoying the tasks themselves. So today I’m trying to remind myself that even though the pace and details of progress at work might not go as planned, there still is progress. And this progress is being made in part because I’ve enlisted the help of some great people while at the same time giving these people opportunities they might not otherwise have. At home as at work I need to pay attention in order to see the magic of life amid the cooking, cleaning and preparing that needs to be done. Our toddler is doing amazing things these days. When he wakes up in the morning we can hear him singing to himself and conversing with his stuffed animals. When he is finished with that he starts calling out to us and asking questions like “Are you still sleeping?”. His imagination is wonderful and he has tea parties, cooks us imaginary food, and pretends to be swimming underwater or flying. He does this without fancy toys, simply using ordinary kitchen tools, blankets and his mind. He dances for us, and he sings, using just about anything as a play microphone. We have conversations (albeit simple) about the things we do together on the weekends and he tells us bits and pieces about what happens at daycare. At night when it gets dark he earnestly tells us “It’s night again”. He is growing and maturing in leaps and bounds, and it is wondrous, even with the messes and tantrums and seemingly endless chores. We just need to look harder and see the wonder in the everyday routine.

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