An evening on the Amador Causeway

The weather was perfect the evening we walked along the Amador Causeway with the boys.  The sun had just set and a warm breeze was blowing off the Pacific.  Lights from dozens of boats waiting to enter the Panama Canal twinkled out on the water and in the distance tree cloaked islands formed a backdrop to the sparkling sea.







View from Punta Culebra, Amador Causway by day, Photo: D. Buehler

When I lived in Panama, I lived very close to this causeway and I would come often.  Leaving this place (as well as some places in the mountains) made moving from Panama to pursue research in Europe difficult (some 8 years ago).

But we were on the Causeway on this perfect evening to show our boys one of the places we love.  The baby looked at the lights on the water in awe before snuggling down in his carrier for a cozy nap.  My eldest pushed his scooter with increasing agility along the pavement asking a million questions.

Then, quite subtly as if floating on the warm humid air, hundreds of fireflies started to twinkle their lights. It was a lovely evening that clearly transmitted our love for this small piece of Panama.

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