Year in review 2011

I hope 2011 has treated you well.  For me, this year flew by!  One minute it was January and the next here I am writing our “year in review”.  







Part of a gingerbread village we helped build at our co-op

This was a year of “firsts” for our boys.  The youngest had many firsts, most notably his first tooth, his first steps and his first birthday!  Though I still consider him my baby, he has grown from an angelic newborn to a joyful and tenacious toddler whose smile could melt the heart of any Scrooge.  The eldest is officially a “big boy, and this year we watched with great pride as he went to his first day of school and sang in his first winter concert. He has grown into a thoughtful and caring boy, whose capacity for compassion routinely impresses me.  For hubby and I watching our boys grow continues to be a source of great personal joy.  Everyday we marvel at them and are grateful to have such wonderful kids.

Professionally, this year brought great success to hubby who, after much tenacity, was able to land not one, but two, relatively stable jobs (given the current global job situation).  The first gave him much needed experience in a new field, but had less than ideal hours and a long commute.  The second is much more convenient, closer to home, and also closer to his interests.  For me this year brought professional introspection, metaphorically mirroring world events like the uprisings of the “Arab spring”, the changes in the political climate our country and the “occupy” movement, which all opened dialogue about the suitability of the status quo (or at least some aspects of it). Next year will bring a change in my work life in one form or another.  Like most people, I may not get the chance to choose which job comes next – in truth choosing may be very difficult. Nevertheless, I enjoyed exploring both known and previously unknown options in greater depth. I am grateful for that luxury.

In addition to personal and professional adventures at home, this year also brought travel: a conference in Europe, enjoying nature “up north” and visiting relatives “down south”.  At home we remain very happy living in our downtown co-op.  We love being close to the center of things and we love the strength and diversity of the community.  This was strikingly clear at the winter concert held at our son’s school.  There we joined with parents of every colour and religion in a shared joy and pride for our kids.  There we also learned about some of the school’s wonderful programs, including a guitar club, a yoga club and cultural clubs that teach the kids about how children live in other parts of the world. These programs are free for everyone, and it was clear from the presenters that kids from all backgrounds take advantage of these opportunities and are learning and growing as a result.

Happy holidays and all the best for 2012!

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    Such a small think. 😉 But such a great idea

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