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Women’s contribution to science goes unheard

There shouldn’t be symposium speaker line ups that look like this one from 1934, in 2013, but for many complicated reasons, there sill are. The 9th Aircraft Engineering Research Conference, 1934. NASA I posted for The Conversation UK on a … Continue reading

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Wild Homes and Invaders in Rouge Park

Originally posted in Wild City at Bunch Family: “The robins are feeding babies, Mami!” Ray reported this to me a few days ago. He has been keeping tabs on the American Robins we saw building their nest at his … Continue reading

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Swift Scientists

Originally posted on Bunch Family. That bird just flew into a chimney! “Is that a swift, Mami? It looks like a flying sausage and it flies funny.” This was 5-year-old Ray’s first impression of a chimney swift. We were … Continue reading

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