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Newfoundland: Rugged, majestic, beauty

Majesty. It was everywhere I looked in Newfoundland: the Long Range Mountains, the Tablelands, the sea cliffs, and the waves that crashed even in calm seas. The whole island, from Gros Morne National Park, to the Northern Peninsula, to Bonavista … Continue reading

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On this day (before)

Today seems like a good day for reflection. By this day some of us have built homes, started businesses, taught in classrooms, had children, led companies, patented inventions, filed for bankruptcy, written books, completed theses, finished marathons, run away, saved lives, … Continue reading

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Year in Review 2016

Written 24 December 2016, Panama This is my 12th “year in review”. It’s hard to believe that the first was written from Texel Island in the Netherlands in Dec 2005). In 2008, I wrote from Panama as we introduced our … Continue reading

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Temagami is a land steeped in natural and human history. People have lived on the land for thousands of years. More recently, people have come to conquer the land and take from it, while others have come to conserve it. … Continue reading

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Moving beyond survival in Iceland

At times it was hard to breathe in Iceland. Sometimes it was the scenery that literally took my breath away: waves and white sea spray against black sea cliffs, rift valleys glowing red and yellow with autumn heath and birch, … Continue reading

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Year in Review 2015

This year’s review begins on a note of sadness and gratitude. The two people who first inspired me to write these reviews – Paul and Louise Herzberg – both passed away this year. Louise passed at the end of September … Continue reading

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Carrying a canoe hurts – but it’s somehow empowering

Canada is a country of lakes and rivers. For centuries a canoe was the main form of transportation in Canada. Today, travel by canoe remains symbolic of wilderness and adventure. I have experienced my share of wilderness, including several canoe … Continue reading

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