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Moving beyond survival in Iceland

At times it was hard to breathe in Iceland. Sometimes it was the scenery that literally took my breath away: waves and white sea spray against black sea cliffs, rift valleys glowing red and yellow with autumn heath and birch, … Continue reading

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How travelling helps me appreciate life – examples from the Arctic

While walking at lunch the other day I saw a bumblebee, and I stopped, and I watched it. In that moment I was fully present. Thoughts about work evaporated and my mind was focused. I smiled because there are bees in … Continue reading

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My Summer Vacation: A Trip to the Arctic amid Truth, Reconciliation and Coalitions for Climate Action

I went to the Arctic for my summer vacation. To be specific, I volunteered* with the Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS) and joined a team of CWS scientists in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories to study shorebirds as part of the … Continue reading

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Strong evidence on neonics demands action despite ongoing debate

I am honored to have contributed a post to the folks over at Ontario Nature! It’s been a busy summer for the debate surrounding the effects of neonic pesticides and pollinators. This post gives a bit of a summary. Read … Continue reading

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Wild PANAMA City

Is it possible to experience the tropical forest in the middle of a city of over a million? Yep! And it just underscores the importance of wild areas in cities worldwide. Keel-billed toucan

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City Kids and City Trees — Natural Allies

When I was a kid, I climbed up into the great branches of the enormous Silver Maple in our yard. I spent hours in that temple of green. But my downtown backyard has no such tree, so how can I share this experience with my … Continue reading

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‘Nicotine’ (neonicotinoid) is bad for bees too

Nicotine-like substances aren’t just bad for humans, they’re bad for bees too, especially when it comes to producing more queen bees – the ‘super moms’ of the colonies. The fate of bees and other insects is important because about a … Continue reading

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